I honestly thought I was going to see his stomach fly out of his mouth.

I am writing this in the relative safety of the lounge. I say safety as it seems being within 12 inches of Zack will result in being coated in regurgitated milk. 

It all started on Friday morning when Zack's tube got blocked. It took me a good twenty minutes of pushing and pulling water back and two with a syringe to unblock it. After that the scamp puked.  Later that night he switched it up a gear and threw up continuously eight times. I honestly thought I was going to see his stomach fly out of his mouth. Zack had become a very poorly boy.

By the morning he wasn't looking so good and was breathing quite rapidly so I put a call in to the local hospital as we have Open Access to the ward. The sister I spoke to didn't recognise the name (in my mind that's a good thing, shows Zack is, in the main, well) anyway after explaining we are in the book, she told me to bring him in. We did. We waited. A doctor who looked about twelve (when did they get so young) came over to ask all the usual questions, then examined Zack. She tried to look into his mouth but he wouldn't really open it and just gagged a lot. She sounded so surprised when she said she couldn't get a look at his throat. Errrrm yes he has cerebral palsy and can't open his mouth very well. As for the gag reflex, good that isn't it, considering when he was born doctors thought he didn't have one!

One chest x-ray later and five impatient visits to the nurses station by moi, I told them I wanted to take him home. I knew his x-ray was fine and his chest was clear which was my main concern. However the Pants had an ear infection and possible stomach bug. I eventually got us out of there with a bottle of antibiotics. 

Four days later, the antibiotics haven't worked and Zack is still puking and not keeping much food down. A visit to our GP showed that he still had an ear infection and we were given new antibiotics to try. She reassured me not to worry too much about his food as long as we keep him hydrated that will be fine. I am not reassured. Zack has now developed a dry cough. He coughs so much that he vomits whatever is in his stomach. How long will this illness go on? 

Tonight the coughing seems to be easing so I am hoping the antibiotics are working. Have also dosed him up with Calpol and got a bit more food down him. I can handle most things with Zack but I hate it when he is sick. I am not good when he is sick it makes me worry, a lot. Dan is not worried. Dan is more worried that Zack's teeth still aren't there and that he might get some strange looking fangs. Funny how men think differently to women. 

Here's hoping we have a vomit free day tomorrow. 


Oh I hope the pants man is better soon! We also spent hours in hosp today and turns out it was an ear infection! Elin has also been gagging and wretching loads, though because of her Fundoplication she cannot physically be sick, which has been a godsend this week!! I wondered if she had a stomach bug as well as ear infection. Also got sent home with antibiotics. Maybe Elin and Zak have a weird psychic connection haha!! Lots of love xxx

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