He did his tongue out smile

Zack and I went to play school on Monday. It's the one run by the vision specialist team so includes lots of toys for visual stimulation. I took Zack into the room and sat on the floor with him, he was fascinated by the whole room and his eyes went really wide, soaking in all the good stuff.

One of the teachers brought over a long orange tube, which was quite heavy but is good for children to use for body awareness. When you turn it on it vibrates. Zack had his hands on it and the teacher switched it on, well, he loved it. He did his tongue out smile (that means oh I really like this), big eyes, the whole shabang. 

This is what we mean:

Vibrating Snake

Oooh only £12.99 might get him one of them. He'll probably be board of it by Thursday.

Overall conclusion of the day was how amazed everyone was that his posture has improved, his head control is much better and his vision is even better than the last time. 

Well done Pants a successful play group. However at the end I did catch him giving the Skunk eye to a little boy of about the same age, hmmm, maybe he thought it was too much competition for the ladies, the flirt.


Saranne Postans said…
I don't read the blog very often, but when I do it tells a fab story of a little boy's journey through life, all told in a way that makes me smile. I admire your spirit and style to get on and do whatever needs to be done to maximise the Pants development and quality of life - well done Linzi! Oh, and Dan's post made me smile too...

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