Goodnight Ozzy

We need to say goodbye to someone. One of our cats, Ozzy was hit and killed by a car on our road last week. This is the second cat we have lost on the road. It's not a busy road, a quiet road but every so often you get some idiots speeding down without a thought for animals or people walking their dogs. 

Ozzy was a wonderful cat, a real character, I love all our cats (we now have only two) but Ozzy was special, had him since he was six weeks old and I miss him dearly. He will always be in our hearts. 

Since Zack was born he took, shall we say an active interest in the new addition to our family. The active interest usually meant sleeping in every possible Zack related item, prams, strollers, his cot, on top of him. I always said his full name was Ozzy Noooooooo! 

Anyway I don't want to dwell, I just want to say goodbye, you went too soon and you will always be in my heart. 

Farewell to an amazing cat.


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