He was fine, didn't even cry

Short update.

Zack has been to Rainbow Legacy House. It's in Chorley and they do Conductive Education sessions as well as run a fantastic nursery that caters for disabled and non-disabled children. 

The Pants went for an assessment there and whilst he moaned a bit at first by the end of the session he was smiling away. The conductor said that she thinks he would benefit from the sessions, unfortunately there isn't any space at the moment. So we wait.

We also took a look at the nursery which did look good so may be thinking of sending him there for a couple of days so that he can have his conductive education sessions in the morning and afternoons in the nursery. But I don't think this would be until next year and even then very part-time. 


He had a good physio session on Monday. Was quite smiley throughout and did a lot of work. The physio then checked him out in his standing frame and adjusted the height. (Must be his new diet making him grow). She also made the frame more upright so that he is having to work harder. Zack didn't mind at all and the physio was impressed at how good he is in his frame. She mentioned that he is holding his neck better which is a good thing. He gets a gold star for that day.

Finally, today his daddy took him for his MMR jab and booster. I am still a wimp when it comes to needles. I was expecting him to come back upset and moaning but no apparently he was fine, didn't even cry. Dan said he smiled after the first injection. That's my boy, tough little cookie. (Am surprised though, as sometimes he can be a right drama queen).


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