I wonder if she' ll give me a sticker next time.

Have been continuing with the torture routine and Zack is now getting used to it which means less screaming and carrying on.  He is doing well but I still can't help but think that when I am doing his stretches he is deliberately not allowing me to move part of his arm or leg just to show he's the boss. 

Managed to get back to doing his Advance therapy which has been hindered due to his reflux. In fact have managed to do quite a bit thanks to having some home appointments rather than outside visits. 

We had the physio round this week and she has put in the recommendation for Zack to have some Piedro boots fitted to give him some more stability in his legs. She mentioned that he might be better having leg splints to keep his feet and legs in-line as they are turning out slightly. I am not so sure about them, not because it's more "extra" special needs equipment but I not sure I like the thought of his legs being held in a position all day by splints. However having spoken to other people whose children have splints it seems that they are a good thing and some wearers aren't bothered by them at all and actually stand better in them. For now I think we are going to try the boots and see how we get on.

Zack's new car seat has arrived. The Mini Carro. I sat him in it in the house as a trial run and he was very happy. I took him out in it in the car and he HATES it. Oh my lord I thought he was going to explode or have a heart attack. Still, he was a little better on the ride home and as usual I will persevere as it has to get better. His mood improved when I started singing to him, but how many renditions of the Wheels on the bloody Bus do I need to go through to stop him having a fit of rage in his expensive car seat. 

In defence of this seat I have to say it is much better than our other one, more supportive and comfortable for his highness.  Maybe he just hates cars. I think it's the one time I wish he could talk and tell me what the problem is, I am not giving up though, he will get better. Fingers crossed. Either that or I'll just have to use public transport. Oh the thought of it.

We had gone to the dentist in the new car seat. Dentist likes to see the children early so they get used to them (early in their lives that is, not early in the day). She was very gentle and had a little look in his mouth and feel of his gums. His teeth, all three and a bit of them, are fine. She told me to brush them twice a day and that she can feel the other bottom four coming through. And that was it, see her again in six months.  Don't know about getting him used to it but I think by the time we finish visiting I'll have gotten over my fear of dentists. I wonder if she' ll give me a sticker next time. They had a nice selection.


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