Thank God it's all over

Christmas has been not full of the joys of jingle bells but full of the woes of plague.

We all managed to get through Christmas Day and Boxing Day, Zack got spoilt rotten with too many presents. Then I managed to get ill with an awful cough and viral infection that wiped me out for ten days.

By New Years Eve the Pants had caught it and I have never seen a boy so ill in all my life. He was burning up, wretching and coughing. Managed to get him to the docs and we were given the usual course of antibiotics. He is only just on the mend now but lets just say that was the longest New Years Eve of my life, not one I would like to go through again.

Still there will be other Christmas times but unfortunately this post is not full of ho, ho, ho but moan, moan, moan. Thank God it's all over and roll on Spring is all I can say.

Here are some pics of Zacky Pants second Christmas. 

It's great when you can put someone in fancy dress and they really don't mind


He knew something was different

It's wrong

I think Dan enjoyed making this more than Zack

Look how much my boy has grown up

He thinks Mummy is so funny

That's the what are you doing lady look.


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