Thank God they are usually only every 6 - 9 months.

Well it seems I may be wrong about the O.T service. Following on from my meeting I get a phone call two days later from a different O.T saying that she would like to meet Zack for an assessment as it seems there are areas in which they may be able to help and advise me. 

Hmmmmmm and what areas do they think he needs help with I ask. Well, sensory, but he doesn't have any sensory aversions? No, but we can offer you some advice on mobility and using his sensory skills to develop his play etc. Okay then, I am not going to knock back help that's on offer so next week we go for an assessment, this should be interesting, will ask about the toilet training again....that's bound to get a raised eyebrow or two.

Had a depressing development consultancy appointment the other day. I hate these stupid review meetings with doctors they are always so negative. It consists of being asked lots of questions, making sure we are seeing the right people and then reminding me of the types of disability Zack has and not really making a big noise about what he IS doing. Thank God they are usually only every 6 - 9 months.  The physio was there too, again none too positive. Even though the other week she was saying how much straighter his back was, how his hips were looser and how he was showing a lot more interest in his toys. She suggested we now focus on his communication skills rather than getting him to move about as it is likely that he is going to have limited movement. Well maybe he will, then again maybe he might just change and suddenly move a lot more. He is now rolling from back to side which he could never do and starting to try and pull himself up. The thing is the determination is there inside of him, he wants to do these things he just finds it hard to control his body. 

As Dan reminded me their opinions are not that important because we know the steps forward he's taken and to us they are huge. 

On a positive note I managed to cancel two appointments this week thanks to that one meeting. Leaving me more time for fun with the Pants.


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