So much for snappy dinosaur.

Zack had a brilliant birthday. He loved the Blue Planet Aquarium. Loved watching all the fish and the shark tunnel. He even picked himself a present from the gift shop. What did he go for you may ask, some fish related product. Nope. A dinosaur that snaps it's mouth open and shut. 

Of all his presents this was his favourite. He loved lying on his back and trying to whack it when you snap it's mouth. It lasted for about three hours of playtime, then it broke. So much for snappy dinosaur.

After the Blue Planet he went to see Nanny/Grandad Price and got even more presents. Yet again he has been spoilt and thank you to everyone for his cards and gifts.

The day finished off with his birthday cake, bathtime, tea and straight to bed. No problem getting him off to sleep that night he was whacked out. 

Here's some pictures of his day.

Big boy two today.

I don't know what they have spotted.
What on earth are they so terrified of?

Cake time


Anonymous said…
Hi Linzi - I'm from the blenderized forum and just hopped over to peek at Zack's site--- SO precious!!! I'm glad Zack is doing well with BD... He has the cutest smile and the BEST - HAIR - EVER! :) (The clapping is great, too!)
Aaah thank you. Yep, his hair is crazy cool. Thanks for taking a look at his blog. Linzi
M Kelley said…
Hi, Linzi - stumbled on your blog through Mama Lewis, and I just had to let you know what an ADORABLE boy you have! Of course, you already knew how adorable he is, but sometimes it's nice to have it confirmed by completely unbiased strangers, right? :)

I second the Crazy Cool hair note! Plus, he's rolling, he's clapping, he's doing a fantastic job!!! When kids do so well, it's always because of their excellent mummies!

Happy 3rd year of being the mum of an excellent little guy!

--Melissa (and James, aged 4)
Seattle, Washington
Hi Melissa

Thank you for your kind comments and I am glad you found the blog. Hope you enjoy reading the next lot of our adventure.

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