Class sizes were good

We checked out another school for Zack. This one we had heard mixed reports about so I wasn't holding out much hope, neither was Dan.

Well, well, well very pleasantly surprised. It was really nice, not too big, not too small. They answered all my questions and gave an answer to everything that I asked. Alleviating my fears and worries. Class sizes were good, they viewed communication as really important to all children. And they are updating parts of the school to help accommodate children with visual impairments. 

Even Zack liked it. It felt right. So now we have two schools to choose from and just one more to look at. The decision on where he goes is still tough and I have to consider mainstream school. But come September, he's off to nursery, I'll get through that first. I am sure there will be tears. Mine probably, not his.

Small Update

Zack continues with his conductive education. Continues to dislike it but did do some pushing through his legs when standing and when in a crawl position moved his hand forward and then his knee. Small steps but progress none-the-less.

His seizures are coming down a little with the increase in medication. As we were increasing the dosage I did notice a slight change in Zack. He just didn't seem himself I couldn't quite put my finger on it but he wasn't right. Mind you he had also been ill on and off with a cold or cough or vomity virus thing. He seems back on track now so perhaps the sudden increase just threw him out of kilter a bit. 

Sleeping. Well, sleeping is errrrm here and there. We sometimes have a good week of reasonable bed times and then we have a series of bad nights. The doctor said that if we have three bad nights in a row to give him some chloral hydrate which is a sedative. So this is what we have done tonight and bingo fast asleep. We are hoping that this will give him a good nights sleep, he will feel better in the morning and we can get him back into his rhythm again. That's the plan. 

Having Scarlett has lead me to approach feeding Zack again. I am weaning Scazzzah we are currently trying apple, bananna and baby rice. Whilst she is sat in her high chair I pop Zack in his sunbeam chair. Whatever she tries he tries. And do you know what? He is having a good go. The other day he had pureed apple and ate about four spoonfuls. I just think if he has a go he has a go if he doesn't want to or it causes him distress then no bother we stop. No stress.

And that's were we are all up to. Think I need another holiday.


Anonymous said…
Hi Linzi,
Just wanted to say you are amazing. I've read pretty much this whole blog and you have so much energy and so much positivity, it's bloody refreshing! I have a little sis with CP, (well she's 26) And she's really made our family who we are. I also have a a 20-month-old son and despite having no disability he's a horror in the car. He's also a horror in his pram so I have to lug him under one arm and then push the thing with the other.
Keep doing what you're doing, you're kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful mummy.
Oh thank you so much that really is very kind of you.

And I mean this in a very good way it's nice to know that it isn't just my Pants who is a difficult bugger. Sometimes I think I let him off because of his brain injury when really I think he does a lot of his mis-behaving on purpose.

Thank you for reading.


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