We left at two in the morning

Zack's been on his jollies. A staycation in Cornwall, Mullion to be exact. This time he had a little companion, his sister. Not sure if he was too impressed at sharing his vacation time with one so young. 

Journey down there wasn't too bad and both children were quite well behaved. The Pants decided that a day of travelling and a poorly tummy would keep us local on our first day. So we had a nice stroll around Mullion and some lunch at a lovely pub. 

Zack also slept in his own big boy bed for the first time. No travel cot. Scarlett had stolen that so he was in a room on his own. This meant we had two bad nights of getting him to sleep. Mind you it didn't help that the flipping Naval air base is right near by and they decide to take out the massive search and rescue helicopters for a midnight flight until 2.30 am. Or the fact that when it rains it throws it down and you feel like someone is tipping a tonne of uncooked rice on the roof.  Apart from that Scarlett and Dan were the only ones who slept well.

We took them both to the Eden Project on the Wednesday. It was amazing. Apart from the sheer scope of the eco conservation biomes, the biggest conservatories in the world, it is home to an indoor Rainforest and Mediterranean gardens with their own specific climate control. The Biome containing the Rainforest was humid and hot. I quite liked it, Zack loved it and Scarlett fell asleep. 

"I think I could live in the Rainforest" I said to Dan. "Really, and what's Zack going to do?" 

"Well, he seems to like it and we could live in that hut over there, plus there's a cool room so if we get too hot we can sit in there for a bit." I thought I looked like I was on safari in my khaki pants and vest top. Dan said I just looked sweaty, like a sweaty David Attenborough. I contemplated leaving Dan for the actual Rainforest but then decided that I don't like snakes, ants or spiders.

The best bit for Zack was the land train (a.k.a tractor) that took you all the way up to the top of the centre. He loved it and probably was the best bit of his holiday. Scarlett just liked it all and was very happy all of the time.

I have to add at this point that the Eden Project is really accessible to those with a disability and I was extremely impressed with the facilities and helpful staff.  Whilst I am on the subject of pleasant people, Cornwall has an abundance of friendly welcoming folk. Everything is done with a smile, a bit of banter and nothing is too much trouble. Great holiday. Long way, but worth it.

The journey home wasn't too bad. We left at two in the morning. It was like we were on the run. Don't know who from, I mean I had already paid the caravan people. Still it was exciting for the first hour, then it just became a really, really, really long journey. 

Here are some photos from our trip. Enjoy.

Testing out my big boy bed

What's your problem? I is having a beer with my daddy

Rainforest. Zack's new home.

Knackered and asleep after visit to the Rainforest.

Hi mummy I is having a lovely time.

Errm excuse me I would like my breakfast now .

God, this holiday is brilliannnnt.

Do the furnishings clash with my pretty dress?


Anonymous said…
Glad you had a great holiday in Cornwall. The Eden Project is on my to do list. Oh and it has to be said that you make very gorgeous children.

Marjorie xx
Thanks Marjorie that is very kind of you and i would like to take the credit for my little beauties, but Dan reminded me that they are half his DNA....damn it.

Yes you must go to the Eden Project, you would love it, i was surprised at how much I did enjoy it.

See you soon.


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