Best day ever.

The other day I think Zack had his best day ever!

He woke up in a lovely mood, had a nice breakfast consisting of one yoghurt, one bananna, one weetabix, 14 almonds and some milk.

Got dressed in his summer white trousers. He looked all Miami Vice (even wore his flops, that's flip-flops to you and me).

Then he went off to see two of his little friends for a play-date. I am sure if their mummy is reading this blog she won't mind me posting about it. They are two gorgeous, lovely little boys, the same age as Zack and I think that they are so wonderful with him. 

Zack was lying on the grass happy as anything and one of the boys walked by Zack and he just grinned, in fact he spent most of the morning grinning. He had a go on their trampoline and loved being bounced up and down. He watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with them, smiled through that, stroked their doggy. He loved it all. And the sweetest thing was when the boys were playing on their little trucks that they sit on and push round they even brought Zack one over to play on. 

This is all very interesting to me because I haven't really seen Zack react to children like our little mates. He really loves being with others and it was great to see him so happy and relaxed. 

Then we came home. Had a spot of lunch and played in the garden until the early evening.

Later we all went for a long walk and Zack went in his Tom Cross Stroller. Amazingly he loved it and didn't moan at all. 

Here's a picture of Zack relaxing after his best day ever.

Now the bad news. Best day ever ended when the Pants wanted to carry on best day ever until 3am. Yep. 3am. That's when he called time on it and finally went to sleep. Little git. Made him get up at 7am though. He is presently asleep in bed and has been since 8.30pm. Mwahahahahaha. Sucker.


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