Having her nappy changed is more exciting than swimming

Made two attempts at family swimming. 

First attempt. Disabled swim session at a pool in Partington. The water was freezing. This lead to Scarlett shivering and being taken out within thirty seconds of getting in. Leaving Zack and Dan to enjoy a bit more swimming as The Pants wasn't arsed about cold water. 

Second attempt. Duckling swim session for pre-schoolers at Woolston. Really nice swimming pool. Asked to use the disabled changing facilities at the side of the teaching pool. All fantastic and lovely and lots of room. I was getting Zack and I ready. Dan was getting Scarlett and himself sorted out. Then Dan was getting Scarlett dressed again as he had forgotten his swimming shorts. 

Aqua Zack really enjoyed our swim. The water was very, very warm. And Dan sat upstairs with Scazlah watching. I think our family swim time is somewhat cursed. Reading this you would think aaah poor Scarlett she's not got to go swimming. Trust me. She really isn't that bothered about it. Having her nappy changed is more exciting than swimming. Zack on the other hand loved it.

The moral of this tale is, you must take responsibility at all times for bag packing. Do not assume that when you say, your swimming pants are downstairs that they will be collected and put in the bag. Here endeth the lesson.


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