That's Deirdre Barlow

We have had a very nice two weeks off with Dan. We managed to have some days out including a trip to a garden centre with a mini train. I mean, they had a mini train, we didn't take one with us. That would just be foolish.

It was a gorgeous day, made a change as the weather had been rubbish as per usual. Zack planned the evening before not to go to sleep so he had about two hours kip and was cream crackered. Didn't stop us continuing with our plans so off we went. 

An hour later after three arguments with the Sat Nav we found Brookside Garden Centre. Enjoyed a spot of luncheon, listening to old women who tried to out-posh each other with their put on accents. Honestly, it's not like they were at Bents (the Marks and Spencer of garden centres). 

It was then time for Dan to take the Pants on a train ride. He bought two little tickets and off they went.

He returned on the train three minutes later shaking his head. Apparently Zack was not a fan of the train and did not enjoy it. 

"Oh well, never mind" I said. "If I tell you something will you promise not to stare?"

"What is it asked Dan?" slightly confused at my off centre conversation.

"Okay, but promise." "Right. Yes. Promise."

"See over there in the children's play section, that's Deirdre Barlow off Coronation Street."

What does he do? Stares. For goodness sake, he gets so star struck. Yep, Anne Kirkbride enjoying an afternoon with, presumably, her family.

Pleased with our afternoon of star spotting, luncheon and train ride we made our way home.

"What should I do with the train tickets?" asked Dan. 

"I'll put them in his memory box." I replied. I have a little box under Zack's bed for all his keepsakes from days out. 

Dan looked at the tickets, then looked at me. "Well, it wasn't a very happy memory for him was it."

Suppose he has a point.


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