He slept through until the morning. Bliss.

Zack's ability to switch on and interact has a lot to do with the amount of sleep he has during the night. 

As you avid readers will know we have huge problems with Zack sleeping and now, well we got to a stage were we said enough was enough. No more picking him up, no matter what time he stays awake until.

And we decided to go hardcore on him, we put him to bed and said whatever he does we do not pick him up and cuddle him to sleep. He stayed awake until 4am the first morning but I didn't given in, nope I stayed strong and he eventually gave in to sleep. We got him up at the usual time of 7am so the poor little man had only three hours of sleep. That night he went to bed at the same time, followed the same routine and was asleep by 8pm. He slept through until the morning. Bliss.

We have been following this regime now for about two weeks. He doesn't always fall asleep at 8pm each night, sometimes we have 1ams or 2.30ams but we still do not give in. He isn't screaming the place down, just moaning, we go in and pat him on the back every twenty minutes or so until we don't hear much from him. Then we know he's gone to sleep. 

The big difference is if he has had a good nights sleep he is brilliant the next day. He's so alert, smiley, happy, and very interactive. The other day he had a great nights sleep and was in a wonderful mood. So much so he didn't stop laughing all day. He was even making different noises and playing games. Simple games. Where I would go out of our bedroom, he would pretend to cry then I would go in saying "Did you shout me?" to which he would laugh hysterically and even try and make a mmmmaaa noise. It was the best day ever. I love it when he's like this as that is the Zack I know. The cheeky one, the funny one, the sociable Zack. 

I think the other thing that's made a big difference is his epilepsy medicine is making an effect.  He isn't having as many seizures, probably about 3 to 5 a day, which is a difference to what he was doing before which was around 15 - 20 a day. 

At the moment things are pretty good. Stable and progressing. This is where we like to be and what I hope will continue. 


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