He actually made him self sick with laughter

Well, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....and somebody has some extra special presents coming his way and (her way).

Seizures are a bit better around 20 -25 a day rather than 80 odd. Still quite fuggy. Nurse suggested we drop one of the Clonazepam doses see if he doesn't need it. We did that. He needs it. 

Noticed he isn't as groggy as before but still quite floppy. However he is finding everything hilarious still. 

For example. Something was so funny this afternoon that he actually made him self sick with laughter. Yep, vomit all over me and all over him. Mind you Christmas cannot officially begin until you've been vomited on by a child. 

Glad he's in a good mood and can't wait for us all to have our Christmas dinner together. Scarlett's first one and Zack's third, he's beginning to be an old hand at it now. Will post Christmas photos after I have recovered from Turkey dinner, chocolates, trifle, mine pies, drink, chocolates, cheese and crackers. 

Happy Christmas everybody have a lovely time.


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