New Plan

Happy New Year. Bit late I know but we've been very busy.

Despite Zack's sedate nature we had a lovely Christmas. Even managed to have a Christmas lunch, just Dan and I whilst both children slept. That never happens.

Zack had started responding well to the medicine but the side effects were awful, floppiness, sedation etc. This all lasted for about eight days then whack the seizures crept up to the 80s and 100s again. We nearly took him in to the hospital but to be honest I thought there was no point. It was a Bank Holiday and probably skeleton staff on, all they would do is give him rescue medicine. 

I waited until the next day and spoke to the epilepsy nurse who in turn got hold of his neurologist, who in turn came up with a new plan.

The thinking was that the Clonazepam had done it's job for a bit but then his body got used to it very quickly. His new drug, Keppra wasn't up to the required limits so that needed to be upped a bit quicker. 

Thus far we've kept the Clonazepam the same and upped his Keppra. We were meant to up it again on Saturday but we hung back because his seizures have slowed down. Today he's only had about 15 which is brilliant compared to what he was having. I am going to ask about doing a slower increase again just to see if we can knock off a few more.  I am hoping that it stays this way for a while but you never know with epilepsy it can all go to a bit rubbish at the drop of a hat. 

On a good note Zack continues to sleep well and is in a lovely mood. Here's some pictures of our Christmas time. Enjoy.

Oh Happy Days
They're all mine

Loving the bike

Mmmmmpfffff......that's what the horse is called.

Loving the truck's hard work


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