Zack has remained happy

Tis the start of the party season and Zack has already enjoyed the festive spirit with the F.UN Christmas party. His sister was allowed to tag along, she wasn't impressed with the whole party scene at first until after supping her milk. Then there was no stopping her. She also tried to unwrap Zack's Crimbo present from Father Christmas. My goodness little girl, there's a limit to how much the Pants will take.

Here's a pic of Zack with his daddy and his huuuuuge present.

Alongside the festive goings on we have noticed an increase in Zack's seizures. Started at the weekend with lots more of his extended body seizures. They have been steadily increasing but not bothering him so a few calls in to the local epilepsy nurse and an appointment next week should see us with a new plan. I am thinking he has got a bit bigger and heavier and therefore needs to increase his Lamotragine. 

On a good note Zack has remained happy. In fact he is changing a fair bit, he is starting to find lots of things funny. Such as saying hello to him, tapping a plate with a fork, brushing the side of his face, all hilarious. Long may it continue.

Oh and before I go I would like to give a little hello to a lovely lady who reads this blog who has announced some exciting news. 

Congratulations Ms Harvey the Pants approves. XX


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