Goodbye to our last friend

Bloody hell I feel like for the past twelve months this blog has turned into an obituary for cats. 

We have said goodbye to our final four-legged feline. Our very first and our last (for now). 

Willis. Or Wilbur, or Willamena, or Willsy but always the cat that was a cat. He didn't think he was a person (Ozzy), he wasn't semi-wild and live in a bush (Colin), he didn't get himself locked in a neighbour's house for three days (Austin). No. He was a normal, friendly, affectionate cat. 

Of all our cats it was Willis that Zack preferred. And Willis loved Zack. He used to jump up and say hello to him in the morning and Zack used to smile in response. He even tolerated being yanked by the fur from Scarlett who didn't understand the gentle technique of stroking a cat. He never hissed at you, he never bit you (Ozzy), he never scratched. He was the best of all of them. A nice cat. And a very missed cat.

Goodnight Willis.

Willis the black cat. Well, you would never get him wearing a bib saying I'm a hungry teddy.


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