Got rid of lots of options

That last post was my 200th post. Wow. 200 posts about one little boy.

Well, here's to the 201st post. Zack remains reasonably well, although he still isn't quite right. I can't put my finger on it but he just isn't 100%. We have an appointment with his consultant at the Child Development Centre soon, will ask a few questions then, perhaps she can shed some more light on things. 

We are currently looking at the dreaded world of adaptions. Yep, adapting part of the house for Zack so that he can have easy access to his bedroom, toilet, shower etc. We've been thinking about all this for some time. Come up with lots of options, got rid of lots of options and now down to one, possibly a second, lingering in the background.

The main one includes us paying for and having an extension to house a new kitchen. We were going to get the kitchen refurbished anyway, I had the spark of genius to suggest that the old kitchen would be a great room for Zack. Obviously without kitchen facilities. 

We would then build out into the back garden a new big kitchen/family room with French doors going outside, again easy access to the outdoor area for Zack.

We had the OT and the architect round. After lots of deliberating it seems it can be done. But there are obstacles, most of which are all too dull and boring to go into here. Upshot is, major work, massive work, all very stressful. 

Well, more stress in our lives, of course that's what we need. It was all getting a little boring round here anyway.

We now wait to here about the next step from the OT. I am trying not to think about it, best not to get worked up before even a brick has been removed.


Tia said…
Don't knock the idea of leaving the kitchen facilities in place - work surface could be a good height for changing, dishwasher could turn into a nice steriliser for particularly nasty stuff, and I'm sure you could fit out a double cupboard as a nice sensory bed... flooring would be easily wipeable and just think of the echoes he could get up when he was singing in the night! Sounds like a great idea though - hope it works out for you.
Hahaha. Very good. I think you may have saved me thousands of pounds and at least six months worth of stress. xxx

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