Well, it beats Disney

If it's not one birthday it's another. 

Zack's sister turned one on the 1st of March. One. Where did that year go?

She had a fantastic day. Zack spent the morning at nursery. Enjoying World Book Day dressed as Dracula. Well, it beats, Disney any day, plus I was being eco-friendly by recycling Halloween costumes. Eco-friendly and too tight to buy something new. 

World Book Day? We never did that when I was at school. 

Scazlett went for breakfast then on to the Jungle. By Jungle I mean your basic soft play area. She spent the hour scooting round the place and shouting Dad, dad every five minutes. He was allowed to stand in the background but not with her, she didn't want her style cramped.

We picked up Pants, went home, had lunch then off out to the park. It was a lovely day, we showed them the animals, well a lot of chickens and ducks really, maybe a few goats and one pony. Zack went on a swing that was more or less a round tube with some netting across it. He loved it though. 

You'd think that is enough for a one year old. Oh no, Queen Bee had her birthday party too on the Saturday. It was very, very busy but she loved it, quite the little social butterfly. Zack had a great time up until about 4.30pm when he decided to vomit and not stop vomiting until about midnight. 

He then past the baton to me whereby I stuck my head down the toilet from 5am until about 3pm. Either we had both picked up a bug or we had eaten something rotten. Either way I felt like I had the hangover without the joy of the drink the night before. Mind you on the bright side I got to have a massive lie in and spend the day in my P.Js. Trouble is Dan is well due some big Mountain Biking expeditions, fair enough, I think he can be afforded a day off or two. 

Here are some pictures from the exploits.


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