Now for the shock

Zack thought we hadn't been to hospital for a while so worked up a real treat of a virus over the past week. 

An episode of difficulty in breathing due to a blocked nose, high temp and no sleep for almost two days had me whisking him off to the open access ward for some answers.

We weren't alone for too long a little friend we know well ended in the next bed. Hello if you're reading, hope you feel better. Thought it was slightly dramatic just to have a catch up but it was nice to chat to someone who understands what you're going through. 

Two doctors, one x-ray, one urine test and one lot of ibuprofen later we were sent packing with some antibiotics and instructions to drown him in saline nose drops to soften the mucus. Turns out the X ray didn't show definite signs of a chest infection but little spots that may suggest something could turn nasty. Using the theory better to be safe than sorry we took the antibiotics in the hope this may clear up any nast hanging about. 

Poor boy, he's just caught one thing after the other, probably our worst winter yet. I think it's all to do with him going to nursery and mixing with lots more children. I am hoping that the more he catches the stronger his immune system gets then again, I know there have been some really horrible bugs out there, I've had them twice and took a while to shift them.

Oh and to top this off Scarly bum has been poorly with her own virus giving her the trots and a lack of appetite. Although it didn't put her off eating half a Freddo bar and ice-cream. 

Corner now turned, fingers crossed, seems like both of them are on the mend. I know Zack is feeling a little better as I have had some smiles here and there today and the Scazlet has been stuffing her face. Aaaah back to normal.  

Now for the shock......Zack fell off the bed!

Dramatic Pause.

I know. He doesn't move much. How did that happen? I propped him up in a sitting position on our bed with a pillow either side of him to stop him leaning. Scarlett and I went in to her room, next minute I heard, bang, bang, ten second pause and then whoooooooh, whoaaaaah. 

No, I thought, it can't be. Whisked up Scarlett went running in to our bedroom to find Zack in tears on the floor. Immediately scooped him up checked for bleeding, checked for bumps, checked for red marks. Nothing. Five minutes of cuddles later he was happy again. 

So what happened? He was a foot away from the bed in a sitting position. He wasn't lying down ready to roll. I mean it's bad, but in a way, it's good. It means he can move somewhat. Now when I put him on the couch I have three massive cushions on the floor and give him firm instructions to stay. 

I told his Dad what happened, all the while Zack was listening and kept smiling at the phrase "I don't know how he did it". 

Little minx, what is he up too?


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