CBeebies Mash-up

I love watching the relationship between Zack and his sister develop. 

This afternoon Zack was lying on the settee and Scarlett was watching her usual CBeebies mash-up, I popped upstairs to collect something. When I came back downstairs I found her stood next to him running her fingers idly through his curls whilst continuing to watching television. All the while Zack lay there with a huge grin on his face.

In fact she only has to go over to him and his big beaming smile appears, complete with amazing dimples. 

Scarlett loves it when I make Zack stand up and pretend to chase after her. They are both in fits of giggles. And Zack loves it when we are all on the floor together playing with toys or reading a story.

I wondered how they might be able to understand one another or even develop a kinship if they can't communicate. In this short time I have seen that you don't need language to love each other, these two are quite happy just to be. Sometimes it's sad that he can't run and chase her, or even whack her over the head with a toy, you know like siblings do. But I have a sneaking feeling that even though he can't do all those things, Scarlett will gain a different understanding of the world, perhaps one that is more compassionate and patient. As for Zack, well he just gets to play big brother and has the bonus of knowing that there is someone else who loves him just as much as we do.


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