Thundercats got a bit too scary

Zack has a new seat. 

An R82 Panda and its fantastic.  He loves it, I love it, Scarlett loves it. A brilliant piece of equipment.

He can now sit again. He can go up to the table, all the way down to the floor. And it has it's very own table that attaches underneath the arm.

When we first got it I pushed it right down to the floor so Zack was at the same level as Scarlett. She stood in front of him grabbed both his hands and shook them in a little dance. They then spent the next ten minutes watching Thundercats together, with her resting her elbow on the arm of his chair.

Thundercats got a bit too scary so we turned it off. Quite violent those cat things.

Here's some pics of Zack in his new chair. (Note, we don't usually dress him up as a doctor in his chair.)

Thundercat time.

Okay, so it's not his chair but I've stuck it in just because. 


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