I have to post this quick thank you to a wonderful local charity called Jump Children's Charity

I quote from their website,

"JUMP is a Registered Children's Charity that supports children with life threatening health conditions to capture special memories with their loved ones. We do this by providing a professional photography service to deliver photographs and film in a range of formats."

In the summer of this year they held a party in the park for families of children with disabilities and life threatening conditions. We went along to that event and had a great time. We also had a photo shoot (like you do), with a lovely photographer who captured lots of pictures of us all together as a family. 

Well, nearly all of us, for the most part Scarlett ran around trying to set off the fire hydrant. Still, it was a very memorable afternoon.

Recently I was asked to come and collect our photographs. Unexpectedly, what I received was a beautiful hardback book with all our pictures, entitled Zack's family. 

Granted the best pictures were of Zack. Especially the ones with the charity mascot. Not that he's part of our family or anything, we don't live with a giant orange cat. At least I think it was a cat. 

So thank you Jump Childres Charity, it is a gift that we will always treasure.


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