He has suffered

October 29. That was the date I last blogged. A lot has happened since then, hence no time to blog and to be honest I didn't want to blog. I spent so much time thinking about things, talking about things that I didn't even want to write about all that was going on.

But first. Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Christmas. We, presently are having a lovely time. Which makes a change from the rather awful few weeks we have dragged ourselves through.

For the past couple of months we have been suffering awful bouts of illness, ranging from coughs, colds, viruses that cause you to vomit and blinding headaches. I have been so ill that twice I couldn't muster the energy to look after anyone except myself and usually I just find some extra energy to carry on.

Scarlett has had colds and the croup but managed to fight them all off. But Zack, poor Zack, he has suffered. He managed to catch several viruses one of which had him coughing none stop for 24 hours. Illness on it's own we can cope with but on top of all this his epilepsy decided to rear it's ugly head. Zack began to have small little twitches down his left arm, raising his eyebrows and pushing his head back at the same time. It got so bad that they relentlessly continued and would not stop. We took him to the local hospital where he had a two day stay. Pushing drugs into his veins, raising his current epilepsy drug to it's highest dose and eventually sending him home slightly better. In fact we had a week of going back to normal and then he got a bug again, high temp, vomiting, usual story. And again the same seizures appeared.

Fortunately we had an appointment with his neurologist and where sent to Alder Hey for an EEG to see if he was in non-convulsive status. So far we haven't heard back from the hospital and are hoping for some answers tomorrow.
Zack has started a new drug. Sodium Valporate, he's had it before when he was a baby. We are hoping that when he gets to the right dose that it will work. At the moment he is better but not how he used to be, he isn't having seizures all the time but he is having little batches throughout the day lasting about five minutes in length.

Despite all the rubbish that has happened to him, he still smiles and laughs every day. And he is having a most excellent Christmas. Got his own dark room, not for his photography hobby but for all his new light toys that Santa brought him.

I am hoping that 2013 will be much quieter for us and healthier. Either that or I am wrapping the house in cling film and never leaving. Ever.


Marjorie said…
Oh I feel for you Linzi. It's so horrible when your children are sick and even worse when it has a kick on effect causing Zack further problems. Being ill yourself on top of all this, together with the worry, is enough to really upset the strongest of people. Hopefully things will improve in the New Year and you can focus on having a lovely time with Dan and the children which I know you usually do. I'll cross my fingers and my toes that you are all over the worse!!!!!

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