He will start school

The good news is we finally managed to speak to someone at the hospital about Zack's EEG results and it shows that he is not in non-convulsive status. For now we carry on with the regime of introducing his new medicine. The dose he is currently on is below the therapeutic window, we still have room to increase before he will be getting benefit from this new drug. Without tempting fate, he is doing well, and all looks promising.

In other good news I finally managed to get to the hairdressers and rid myself of an awful root affliction.  Well, good news is good news.

Next year is a big year for Zack. He will start school. School. The very thought is terrifying and we still haven't made a firm decision about where to send him.
Whilst the decision making process is going on there is also lots of background activity happening with his statement of special educational needs. Reports have been requested from all manner of people involved with Zack including ourselves.

I have begun to write all about Zack and his educational needs but find myself saying lots of positive things that would lead you to believe he doesn't need help when in actual fact he needs lots of help. Help to access the world, help to understand his environment and a place that will see past his disabilities and understand his potential.

However for the purpose of the statement and in order to get the correct help I need to be blunt and very basic about his needs. I've put what I have written to one side for the moment in the vain hope that either a) some magic fairy will finish it or b)when I re-read it will actually be better than I first thought and not require too many amendments.

On top of school there is also plans a-foot at Casa Gould-Price. Planning permission has been granted for us to extend the house, providing a new kitchen area, oooooooohhhhh finally a new kitchen. Leaving the old kitchen as the new space for Zack's super crib and bathroom. Again. Thought of it fills me with dread. And again the thought of that is being pushed to the back of my mind until we are at the stage whereby we have past building regulations, chosen a builder and  are about to start work.

No wonder I need my hair done I am sure I will start to see grey hair soon. Failing that my four inch root problem won't look out of place when I check  in to a rehab centre having suffered a mini breakdown. Every cloud and all that.


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