No resolutions

Happy New Year everyone.

Social networking sites are full to the brim with messages of good tidings for friends and family. Alongside many resolutions that probably won't make it through to the end of January (how pessimistic of me. No, realistic).

What of us? What of our hopes for the New Year? 2013. 13. That is a fortunate number in my life. Zack was born (perhaps saved) from the brink on the 13th. Scarlett was born at 13.13 on the 1st of the third. I am, therefore, rather hoping that this will be a fortuitous year.

I am making no resolutions (see above reasons) but wish for an abundance of good health, good luck and bravery. We hope that this years see's our first holiday abroad. I'll come back to that further down the line, but if we don't go and try then we will never know if we can manage it complete with Zack's medical needs and feeding regime.

Oh and last one. I shall go to the gym. Not a resolution, just a statement. Perhaps a mantra that I will keep repeating as I stuff another piece of galaxy chocolate into my mouth.

Whatever you decide, good luck to you, I hope it sticks.


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