Fruit and nut bar

We got Zack's statement of educational needs through. Along with the proposed school which he will attend in September.

There were no surprises, it was as expected, what was not expected was how vague the statement appeared to be. It said lots of good things, but equally not specific things.

I know the assumption may be to think that the school Zack will go to will be able to fulfil his needs and provide him with the opportunity to be educated in a form that will suit him. But seen as this is a legal document I would like it to be more formal, more specific, black and white and not so grey.

So armed with a large fruit and nut bar, it is Easter I need some chocolate treat, I hide myself away for a couple of hours, reading through all the reports, making notes and then re-reading through the statement making notes.

Result is a document to the LEA detailing or requesting specific information to be written in to Zack's statement. I will now send this off and await there response. No doubt I think there will be a face to face meeting. Perhaps a battle. I don't want to battle I just want it to be right for him. He can't talk, he can't fight, I have to be his voice and sometimes it gets weary being the voice of two people.


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