One final hurdle

How to choose a builder?

There should be a book about this, somewhere on Amazon.

I am sick of the sight of builders quotes. We have our planning permission and our building regulations passed. We almost have the green light to begin the adaption to our home for Lord Zack.

One final hurdle, deciding on a builder. All the quotes have been coming in around about the same costs, apart from the odd one or two which are either ridiculously low or stupidly high.

We now have it down to two and I can't decide. I have a meeting with the grants department next week to move forward with the grant application so maybe they could help me with my dilemma.

It's scary stuff deciding on who is going to effectively devour all our savings. At least by the end of it all Zack will have a brand new crib and I will have a lovely new kitchen. We just won't be able to afford to eat anything but at least it will stay clean. Oh the thought of a perfectly lovely clean kitchen.


Anonymous said…
I presume the two builders have done similar work and therefore should be willing to give you the addresses so that you can inspect completed work and find out if the home owners were satisfied. That may help you decide.


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