An unfamiliar skunk

Zack tried out a shower come toilet chair yesterday. It's a Smirthwaite one. It's to go over his new toilet in his new bathroom, you know the one that will be built in about 15 years.

When he sat in the chair with not much support I hasten to add, it was the most comfortable I have ever seen him sit in a chair. Whilst discussions between the rep and the Occupational Therapist were taking place I was thinking could I realistically have my son use a shower chair for school?

This is the one we tried.

Smirthwaite toilet and shower seat

Zack has also been testing out his requirements for future pets. We went along to a Families United F.UN Club and Home Safari came along with a menagerie of animals.

This included a couple of snakes, Zack a big fan of these. One Skunk, which got its tail wafted at Zack, not really the place you want to be with an unfamiliar skunk. There were some hedgehog thingies, a bearded dragon and a Raccoon yes a big Raccoon. Oh and rabbits which Scarlett really liked. Though the cats bring home one or two of these a week, unfortunately they are usually dead or about to be eaten.

Here are some photos.



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