We were looked after

Seriously lacking in the posting department. Also seriously lacking in the time department.

We've picked a builder. We still haven't started though. I feel like one of those Geisha girls doing tiny little steps, shuffling forward bit by bit. Almost there. Just a few bits of paper work to complete, wait a week or so, wait for a start date then D Day.

In the meantime, we've been on a little break. Well, we went in Easter to the Children's Adventure Farm Trust

A lovely place, down the road from us in Altrincham. Zack's favourite part was the huge Buddha Bags found in our little abode and in the Sensory Room. Think his dad liked them too......in fact think they both liked them too much.

The Children's Adventure Farm Trusts offers holidays and respite to families and children with disabilities as well as children who are disadvantaged or terminally ill. It's a beautiful place, has it's own sports hall, music room, sensory room, adventure park, sensory gardens, alpacas. Our days were packed, but equally we had time to do our own thing. We were looked after and fed well by the ladies that work at the Farm, who were tremendous given the fact that they were short staffed. So this is a big thank you from us, we had a fantastic time.

Here's some photos of our time at the farm.

Cuddles on the Buddha Bag

The Alpacas, note goofy on the left.

Outdoor sensory musical garden

In the Music Room

Grandad would be proud

Yeah........glad he isn't taking it up for real

Spot of rebound therapy

Can someone get me down now please?

In the walk through birdy bit, neither child was keen, they may have seen the Birds


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