Chicken Pox, Shmicken Pox

Honestly, life is never just quiet for me. Drama, drama, drama.

Two weeks the Pants has been granted, two weeks release from Nursery for half term. When did half term get to two weeks, I never had that luxury. First week, weather not so great. Second week oh hello sunshine and hello Chicken Pox.

Yes the boy got the Pox. I had been dreading this, wondering if this childhood virus would send his seizures soaring, cause him distress, the list in my head goes on. But Chicken Pox, Shmicken Pox, Zack seemed to have stuck two fingers up to it.

I noticed two spots on his back last weekend. Thinking they were bites I just ignored them. Next day some more spots and the classic blistering. Great. He had been a bit off for a couple of weeks, nothing serious just a bit stroppy and the couple of days before the spots appeared, teary and wanting to be cuddled all the time. In fact the night before the big outbreak he was not for sleeping until in the end he had firm words off Dan and I. Major guilt the next day for telling him off, when we realised what was wrong.

So yes a bit of Chicken Pox. How's that for fun? Oh Zack hadn't finished. This weekend he decided that it would be really funny to pull out his Mic-Key button, complete with blown up balloon. Having only watched the nurse do this procedure, and never completed one myself, I attempted to reinsert the button. Would it go in with ease. No. That would be too easy.

Zack and I went on an afternoon trip to Alder Hey A& E. Could the nurse get the button in, nope. We had to try to widen the hole slowly using suction tubes. Four hours later, one fantastic nurse, one upset little boy and one stressed mummy thankfully had a button back in its rightful place.

And now to add to the dramatic twists and turns of our lives the building work begins on Zack's adaption and our extension next week. Hello mess. Expect pictures, lots of pictures, it's going to be like Grand Designs, except not that grand, or have that posh bloke saying he doesn't think we are going to do it all within budget. Come on, I'm ready.


Hope Zack's feeling better and all goes well with the building works with as little trauma as possible for you guys.


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