Wagon Wheel anybody?

It has started.

The extension and adaption is fully under way. I came home Monday lunch time, opened the back door and there was a man in a hole up to his shoulders.

Hello I said, you work quick.

Yep, he replied, we're like moles.

Indeed they were.

I now have footings. A dodgy back part of my existing kitchen that may or may not get knocked down, a choice of brick to make, a kitchen to decide on and it's only three days into the little project.

What do you do when this happens? Book a holiday for a week's time, that's what. Yes, we are now going to Devon for a week.

And, Scarlett has the chicken pox. Seems she wasn't the carrier, her adorable brother was. Compared to her he had it mild. Poor little girl is covered in them, which equals a lot of agitation. Which means me giving in to her bad food choices, Wagon Wheel anybody?

Here are some pictures of the beginning. Read this blog in three months time and I'll either be checked in to the Priory, an alcoholic or pleasantly relaxed and enjoying a new kitchen.

Before. Back of house. Note tree growing out of neighbours chimney


Brick stuff.


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