Don't take it personally

This week we attended Zack's transition meeting. Not that he is changing into a butterfly or anything, he is just growing into a big boy and will be off to school in September.

His Dad and I met with his new teacher, his existing nursery teacher, school nurse, vision teacher and his two physiotherapists.

It went well, we basically outlined a summary of Zack. Went a bit like this. Can be lazy. Don't be fooled. More there than you think. Make sure you push him. Will tell you if he doesn't like something. Will smile and laugh a lot if he is enjoying things. Will also sulk and ignore people. Don't take it personally.

Nursery teacher was lovely and explained how much he has grown in the two years he has spent there, how he is a lot more capable, stronger and definitely ready for school.

We decided upon some trial days for Zack, whereby he will go in for an hour or so and then one where he will go for a couple of hours and have his lunch there. This gives me the opportunity to talk with the nurse about his blended diet (so not the norm for tube fed kids) and his care plan. This will be about his epilepsy, which again can be summed up as, can have some quite bad days, often he is very good, just has a few seconds of stiffening his whole body then he relaxes, not bothered by them, don't worry about it.

Seems when he starts school he will be straight in to full on days. Oh what a year of changes this is. Don't think my life has ever been quiet since I had Zack. I often think it would be extremely dull too.


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