Blubbering wreck

That's it. It's is over. Complete. My baby boy is no longer my baby boy. Today was his last day of Nursery. That fabulous, wonderful place called Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School.

Two years ago I remember taking him with trepidation and a likes and dislikes list as long as my arm to hand him over to complete strangers. It took a few months for him to settle in and he still hates his chair but it has done him the world of good. 

We are lucky to have such a fantastic facility in Warrington, with such excellent staff. We are going to miss it and them a lot.

And so we go to school. Baby boy becomes a big boy now as he moves on to Foxwood School. A special needs school close by to where we live. He will be in a class of five other children who have similar educational needs. 

We have already had three visits all of which went very well. At the moment I feel really happy with how things are going, but I bet come September I will be a nervous blubbering wreck. Walking to the school with trepidation and a list of do's and don'ts as long as two arms.


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busybusybeejay said…
good luck in September and let us know you are.Zack will be fine!It is great that you have good school locally for him because this isn't always the case.Enjoy the summer holiday.

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