Hoarders from Hell

Zack's pad and our new kitchen is continuing to move forward with minimal stress. Well, I am now down to a third of the old kitchen with a metal sink that seems to be following me around the house.
The builders are doing a good job of keeping us in a liveable condition and the extension is now built and complete with roof. This week the double door opening is being created which means knocking through into our dining room, the plasterer will be, well, plastering and the floor will go down.
The back of the kitchen that needed to be levelled for Zack to have complete access has been knocked down as it stood on hardly any footings. This is going to be rebuilt this week. Our lives reflect a very upside own house, a spare room that wouldn't look out of place on Hoarders from Hell, a make shift kitchen and mdf board all over the shop. As for mopping, I am now an expert, and still the dust follows me. I keep repeating, it's not forever, it's not forever, it's not forever.

Here are the latest pictures.

Knocked down back of kitchen next to new kitchen


New kitchen, nice doors.


Inside new kitchen

Our old kitchen or how we are living now.


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