One iffy day

We've been away to Devon. Exmouth. Had a very fun packed busy time. Seven days in a caravan, trust me, by the end of it I would have quite happily taken a vow of silence and booked into the nearest convent just so I could have some quiet time to myself.

The weather was good. One iffy day that required a visit to the World of Country have to say that with a Devon accent otherwise you won't get the full appreciation of just how Countrrrryyyy this place was. Honestly, it was a lovely day out, I suppose one would call it quaint. In fact, lets see it seemed to sum up Devon. It really wanted to try and be a touristy, holiday destination but doesn't quiet have the fizz and sparkle, it's a bit half hearted in it's attempt. It would probably get a C+ for effort.

I was impressed as they let me get in free. Only because I happened to be touching Zack's wheel chair at the point of payment of tickets. It was good of the girl to state that carers get in free, usually you have to ask and some places don't offer at all.

We walked into an apparent reproduction of Victorian England in the countryside. It was dated. Yes I know it's meant to be historical but the displays were dated. I mean there was a giant bear made out of matchsticks...look.

What I loved though was the fact that they had obviously used shop mannequins as their display dolls for the cabinets. They had even drawn on a pretend moustache on a female mannequin pretending to be a soldier from WW2 or it could have been WW1. I loved it. Check out my photo of Wedding Dress posse and scariest doll ever.

Seriously the rest was great fun. Loads of play areas for Scarlett, a free Birds of Prey show which was brilliant but slightly stressful due to the fact that I had to keep a two year old sat down and quiet for 30 minutes otherwise the Hawk thing would have eaten her.

There was a pen that you could go and sit in that had sheep and baby goats to stroke. Scarlett did not like it. Nor the wait for her brother. Zack did not like the enourmous amount of baby goats that stuck their heads out of the railings at him, nor did he like the bird of prey called Zak.

Actually writing this I think I am the only one who really loved it. Big up for the World of Country.

The rest of the days where spent going to Exmouth, Lyme St Regis, on the beach oh and eating, eating and eating.

Big news of the holiday was that Zack, my son, who could never stand the car and required Chloral Hydrate to go on car journeys of great length was amazing. He did the whole journey there and back with no sedation, he was well behaved, in fact they both were. Okay small one had Dora on the ipad but it got us there with not much stress.

Great holiday.

Waiting for daddy and Zack to come out of the sheep pen.

He is so not impressed that the bird behind him is called Zak with no c.

He hated those goats.

This picture sums up our holiday. XX


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