I am left with the small one

He's in. He has started school. My little baby is now a big boy.

All smart and gleaming he began a new chapter in his life and joined the masses at school.

He did half days last week. The first morning that I collected him he was not too happy. Throwing a sulk in his chair, thrashing his arms, generally getting agitated. The teacher told me he wasn't too happy in his school chair, so she got him out and he sat on her knee for a bit.

...........wait a minute, he's been there five minutes and already he has people getting him out for a knee top cuddle.

The rest of the week I heard how he had been smiling and giggling, something he refuses to do for me when I collect him, whereupon he puts me proper in the doghouse for a good half hour.  This week he is in for full days, he is going to be shattered and will also probably hate me.

Now I am left with the small one, but fear not, if all goes to plan she will be in pre-school three mornings a week, and me, well, I have enough projects on to last me until 2030.

Here is a picture of my superstar.


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