Change to the parking procedures

The pad is almost complete and King Zack has his own en-suite. I don't even have my own en-suite.

I'm really pleased with his room, it looks great. Lots of light and space in his bedroom and his bathroom, whilst accommodating his needs, doesn't look clinical. Completed pictures coming soon.

At the moment we are mid snag list. We are living with no kitchen and looks that way for at last another month and a half. Our makeshift island looks fabulous....if you like shabby chic that is and microwave meals.

Zack continues to do well at school. Seems like he has settled in as have I. Already he has managed to get hit by a car (not to worry it was more of a push and no damage taken) this resulted in a change to the parking procedures. Also, I have managed to have a row with his new physiotherapist about the amount of physio he receives. It ended well, I think. Either way he seems to be getting more now than he did before so that's a bonus.

Scarlett has started pre-school. She has unleashed her independent spirit (a.k.a downright defiance). Each morning I go to collect her with a slight dread at what reports I get. I can hear myself saying, we do discipline her you know, I mean she is just so strong-willed. All the while I bet the staff are thinking yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it all before. Secretly I like her fire. I think a bit of fire in the belly is a good thing. Zack's burns with determination and stubbornness, Scarlett's sparks with absolute certainty of her own mind.

Think things are going to be harder with these two, not easier.


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