Operation Bluebird

Easter, that means chocolate, eggs, rabbits, Spring and a Bluebird.


Yes. That was Zack's given title in the Easter assembly at school. Oh how I like a challenge and any excuse to do a bit of creative crafting. 

There I was 9pm at night sticking blue feathers all over a hooded top, all over me, all over the house. Earlier on operation Bluebird was stopped thanks to the three year old saying "I'll help, I'll blow the feathers". 

I have to say i was pretty proud of the costume, not sure Zack was impressed with it. We went to watch his Easter assembly at school. What an absolute delight. I have never seen so many happy children, a little boy performed the beginning of Coldplay's Yellow with some musical bells and a lovely boy sang the song. 

However, Zack's class looked amazing dressed as garden characters and wow, was I so proud of my Bluebird when he came zooming in on his standing frame, dancing around with the help of one of his teachers. It was brilliant. 

Bluebird Zack

Zack testing out the costume

Well done Zack.


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