And I never dropped the child

Finally got to see Zack's ENT doctors at Manchester Children's Hospital. The doctor thought I was coming for a chat about hearing and grommets, and whilst, yes, that is interesting, I was there to talk about the endless sleepless nights Zack has when he gets an Upper Respiratory infection.

Every cold turns into a problem with breathing through his nose, which is made all the more difficult when he is lying down at night. Hence, no sleep for anyone. The doctor was great, I explained about the four courses of antibiotics, the secretions and the blocked nose. He asked if Zack has ever had a blood test to check his immunity levels, errm no. Blood test booked in that morning. 

Second stage of investigation is for Zack to have a sleep study, to see what his oxygen levels are like at night. He will stay overnight in hospital for this procedure.

So having had a good appointment I waited in reception for Zack to be called in for his blood test. Oh did I mention I also had Scarlett with me. Yes. For anyone who knows the hospital there are about four waiting rooms in one huge area, a bit like an airport lounge. The small child took herself off to watch a television behind me. I stood up to see where she had got to whilst holding Zack in my arms. In comedy fashion my heel got stuck in my trouser leg and for what seemed like seconds in slow motion I could feel myself losing my footing. I can't fall, I reasoned with myself I have Zack, how will I stop myself, oh I know I'll scoot about like I'm running on the spot like one of those cartoon mouse characters. Eventually I fell onto my knees, bang. In front of an audience. And I never dropped the child. I thank you.

Never a dull moment.


Binky said…
Great job for not dropping Zack. Be careful next time though, I surely hope you are okay

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