Skinny legs

Sometimes on Facebook you get the odd video popping up on peoples feeds. Inspirational stories, horrifying stories, funny stories a lot of them come from a site called Upworthy. This has become one of my new favourite places to time waste when surfing the world wide web of distraction.

Recently a short animated film appeared on a news feed entitled Cuerdas. It is in Spanish but you don't need subtitles to understand the beauty of what the story is telling you.

Basically I can't watch it without using a full toilet roll to mop up my wet face simply because the little boy in the story reminds me of Zack. His little floppy socks, his skinny legs, the chair. 

The director of the film, Pedro Solis won the Goya Award 2014 for best animated Spanish short film. I knew that the person who created this story also knew first hand what Cerebral Palsy is, what someone looks and acts like, how people react to children who are different. Pedro has a son who like Zack suffered starvation of oxygen at birth. In this article he talks about his son.

Pedro Solis

The film is an idyllic reflection of what can happen when barriers are broken and friendships are made, heart-breaking and emotional. I warn you have tissues at the ready.

The link I have put for this film has subtitles just click on the choose language drop down bar and pick Spanish 39%, odd but it works.



OMG Linzi thanks so much for this I bawled all the way through. It's beautiful. xxx
rhiannonjmuk said…
What a beautiful film - such rich imagery and a beautiful, believable portrayal of a relationship between people with and without disabilities. Thanks for sharing

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