Good days out

Did I mention that Zack had a great summer.

Yes, I know we didn't have the kind of summer we are used to, oh, sorry, we did, yeah not much sun, not very hot but hey at least it was dry. 

We had some good days out, days out that I found myself on making mental notes of how accessible they were, how good the facilities were and I really must write a few blog posts about them. Well it may prove useful to other parents/carers looking to take out their adventurous little ones. Lets face it, going on a day out is really tough when you have a child with a disability, it's not like you can just hop in a car and off you go, enjoy your day. No, it needs planning, it needs people, it needs a large amount of bags, so many you think it's a week's trip not a day. But Zack needs to experience the same things that other children do, his sister needs to know that disability doesn't just mean staying inside the house, it means fun, it means laughter and however tough it may be to do this it is well worth the effort.

What follows is a few posts about days out from a disability perspective.

They are:

Eureka Children's Museum
Stockley Farm
Knowsley Safari Park
Dunelm Massey (the stately home that sells bedding) ahem, Dunham Massey
Sandcastle Blackpool
Gullivers World

On a completely different note, over the summer Zack lost two teeth. He now rocks the snaggle tooth look and has a new attitude to match. The tooth fairy was kept busy and is now a bit broke. Hope you enjoy the next few days out posts.


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