We are but brave travellers

Still here. Waves. Doing good.

I now have both children at school, Scarlett started Primary School and loves it, thank God. Despite both children not being present in the house time seems to go very quickly and I am still running round in circles.

Summer was great. Zack has been brilliant of late. And we ventured further for our holiday this year. Drum roll........we did it, we went abroad to Menorca. Our first holiday abroad and I am glad we did it.

Having spent five weeks prior to the holiday making every list known to man, I then proceeded to spend a week cooking food for Zack to dehydrate into a dodgy looking powder to take with us. My main concern about going away was getting through security with all his meds, equipment and powdered food.

I needn't have worried. At security I was asked to go down a very speedy special aisle and without a second glance at Dan and Scarlett, Zack and I had bypassed all the queue. Everything got through without question and then Zack and I waited twenty minutes to be caught up by a stressed Dan, who had to empty three bags and contain a four year old.

Flight was great. We took a harness for Zack to use on the seat and other than a little bit of upset towards the end of the flight, all was no problem. He gained a new fan, a lovely air stewardess, who looked after us and even asked if he wanted to go and meet the pilot after we had landed. Well it would be rude not to go say hello.

We stayed in a great apartment in a hotel complex. Weather was hot but not overly oppressive, pool was lovely as was the beach. All was going well until Day 3 when Zack got the mother of all chest infections, high temp, coughing up green yack. Thankfully we remained calm and Dan took him to visit the on-site doctor.

The story goes that the doctor looked very panicked when he saw Dan carrying Zack in to his office.

"What is wrong with him" states worried doc, "oh, this is Zack, he's got cerebral palsy.....errrm, that's not why I'm bringing him to you. He's got a chest infection." "ohhhh" look of relief on doctors face.

By the end of the chat, Zack had a prescription for antibiotics and Dan got a pat on the back for his diagnosis. (First year medical students us).

Tell you what, two days later and that chest infection had been nipped in the bud, there's a lot to be said for warm weather.

Suffice to say, Zack was the only disabled in the village, which meant a lot of looks all the time. Most were just curious, some people asked us about him, I didn't care, we were on holiday.

The return journey was good and I have to say how wonderful Mahon Airport Mobility Assistance is, they met us as we checked in our luggage. They took us all the way to our gate, came back for us, took us to the plane and took away Zack's wheelchair to go in the front hold. Could not fault their service, Manchester airport has a few lessons to learn. It isn't too bad, but we had to go on a lengthy walk to get back to arrivals. It didn't ruin our holiday though, I am so happy we have those memories and here's to many more. We are but brave travellers. A little further next time perhaps?

Here's some photos.


busybusybeejay said…
Well done you.It looks like you had a brill time.Where to next?
cez brown said…
love your blog :)
Linzi Price said…
Thank you Cez Brown you are very kind.
Busybusy we are staying close to home this year but planning on a big trip soon. Watch this space.

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