Happy Mother's Day all you Mums, Mummy's and Mamas

Mother's Day last year Zack was allowed out of hospital for the first time. I took him home on the proviso that I brought him back to hospital again. It was so wonderful bringing him home. I remember how tiny he was as I walked throughout our house telling him that this was his home. Showing him his room that we had lovingly decorated. Introducing him to the cats, well pointing at the cats who had been made to sit in the back garden. By the end of it I didn't want to take him back but we did. Back to his hospital bed, back to the monitors and the institution. But not for long, it would only be a few more days then he came home for good.

This Mother's Day as I type this he is lying asleep next to me so very different to the small baby that once lay in a hospital cot. I can honestly say I think I am even more in love with him than in the beginning. I am so proud of all he has achieved. I am still excited when he makes his happy laughing sound in reaction to things that amuse him, I love the fact that he can now prop himself up on his arms and I am in awe how, given his awful injury he continues to make every effort to try and sit upright. 

I am very lucky to have such a beautiful boy and very fortunate to be a mummy. It is without doubt the best most fantastical feeling in the world. Thank you Pants for making me very happy. Oh and thanks for my CD it's fab.  xxxx


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