New toys and new positions are just the funniest things in the whole world.

Zack had a visit from our favourite ladies from the visions specialist department. The Pants had just finished off a rather large breakfast so decided he would take a little nap. His new teacher had brought him a little apron to try on, not that they were going to get him baking or anything, oh no, the apron had velcro strips on the front to which were fixed lots of different fabrics and toys to feel.  

When the Pants woke up he tried on the apron. He reminded me of a butcher but seemed to quite like the feely things that were stuck to him. His new favourite teacher is going to make him his own apron and a special feely floor mat to go underneath his Little Room. She has provided me with some information on Canaan Barrie signing, a form of on body signing for deafblind children. 

Of all the people we see this gang is the most useful, helpful, positive and encouraging bunch. They are just brimming with ideas and handy suggestions.

Zack also did a little showcase of his head raising whilst on the floor. To which he received much praise and ooooh clever boy comments. I gave him a round of applause he quite likes a few claps when he's doing something well, I mean I can hardly give him a little treaty snack can I, so a clapping is what he gets and a cuddle too.

We discussed the fact that Zack has a tendency to hold his head to the left as that is his best field of vision. We are now trying to encourage him to look from the centre (mid-line) and to the right. We decided that it would be a good idea to do a change round of all his toys in his little room. After they left I did a complete overhaul of his crib. I moved his favourite bells to the right and put loads of new things all to the middle and right hand side. No more fun stuff to the left. I popped Zack in his little room. He knew things had changed. He spread out his arms to the side and just lay there quietly. Then up comes the right hand, bingo, he hits the bells. Well that was it. New toys and new positions are just the funniest things in the whole world. I heard him aughing away to himself. When I came to see what the commotion was and shouted to him this warranted more laughing to the point where he started having a coughing fit. He got pulled out after that to calm down. I honestly can't see how it's funny but he just loves it.

We went for our meeting with the neurologist today. It was short and sweet. Not much to report to him only that Zack was continuing to do well on the reduction in his sodium valproate. He thought that Zack is doing brilliantly and that even compared to when he last saw him he thought he was holding his head much better. I looked at Zack who was peering over his left side. Oh, that isn't his best I said, he can do much better than that, but I was pleased that he thought Zack's minimal effort at head control was better.

Zack has been very good this week. Less sicky, bit better in his car seat but still elements of him hating it. I am now convinced that it may be his expression of a kids paddy when he gets all frustrated in the seat. 

On two occasions now Zack has decided to shout for us when in bed. When I say shout I don't mean he goes "Hey mum can you get your arse up here please". No it's a baby gurgle that kind of sounds like a laugh but is a bit of a whinge. When I go in to see what's up with him, I am met with a grin and more chat. He just wants some company and then he goes to sleep. I suppose this is a really good thing. Me thinks he is becoming more aware of wanting company and shouts in order to get it, either that or he's doing further training in how to wrap us round his little finger.


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