It was sheer bliss

We took the Pants swimming the other day. Decided to try out a new swimming baths and Zack's snappy little yellow rubber ring. 

This baths was much nicer than the usual one plus the life-guard chappy threw some toys into the water for us to use. We hadn't used the swimming aid for Zack before so weren't sure if he would like it or not. 

Ha. Why worry. Zack's as laid back as they come. He sat in his little yellow boat and loved it. He had a good look around the swimming pool and even tried to track things around the room, this is a good thing. It all helps with his vision development. He didn't move his legs whilst in the water so we did it for him and he liked being pulled about the pool. If we were on holiday I reckon I wouldn't be able to get Dan or Zack out of the pool. I reckon he could have fell asleep in there.

Zack had another new experience at the swimming baths, the showers. I thought I would try him and see if he liked it. Like it? He loved it. At one point when the water fell on his head he tipped it back closed his eyes and looked like he was in heaven. I almost expected him to say, "aaaaahhhhhh the water feels so nice have you brought my Wash and Go mum, because I only take one bottle into the shower."

I had a day release today. I left Dan in charge of Zack whilst I went on a little galavant to Manchester. It was great until my feet started to hurt and my arms ached from carrying my bags. Dan and Zack picked me up from the station. In fact I was met by Dan zooming round the corner with Zack laughing his head off in the back. Apparently when daddy drives you get to fly round the bends really fast and its hysterical. Safe. i don't think so. But muchos funny.


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