Success. No hand grabby.

So far so good. We have used the new pump a few times now. It has become our special friend. It's so easy to use and best of all Zack usually falls asleep when being fed which frees up some more of my time to do some pottering about. 

As for stopping his vomiting it has minimised it somewhat, much better than before. I just don't think we have the timings quite right yet. We have tried to up the speed a little to see if that is any better as at first, I think we were far too slow. I will say it is so nice not to be sat holding a 60ml syringe in the air for twenty minutes. I feel that we should give the pump a name she's such a great addition to the household.

We even took our new friend out with us at the weekend. We went on a trip to Southport. Which for the record is like the nearest place to us but takes an age to get to and I just can't work out why, it's a regular X-file.

We packed up Zack's little rucksack with his machine, milk and giving set and off we went. As we got stuck in traffic Dan started Zack off on a lunchtime snack and it was great, no messing whatsoever. Now we can go out for full days and not have to worry about feeding sessions. 

Zack is still a bit unhappy with his car seat and pram. He is still getting a bit wound up in the car seat but not to the extent where he was clinging to the straps and crunched up like he has done on recent trips. I put a folded up blanket underneath his bum to try and boost him up a bit more and that seemed to help a bit. On the journey back from Southport he was a little annoyed but eventually calmed down. I think it also helped that I held his hand and chatted to him.

Zack has a lovely Quinny pram which he is okay in but only for short bursts. I got to thinking maybe I should try him in a cheap little stroller and see if he is any better mood wise. With a plan in place we both went off to Babies r Us to check out the strollers for today's hip babies. I found a nice cheap one that let the seat recline back into various positions, had a little shopping basket and was easy to put up and down in an instance. At £39.99 with a £5.00 off coupon I thought to hell with a named brand, this is either going to work for him or he'll hate it so I am not spending a small fortune on one.

Got us both home and thought right lets test out the new wheels. It was a lovely day which often gives way to people feeling rather jolly and positive. Amazing what a bit of sunshine does for us. I fixed the stroller up, put all the accessories on, popped my letter for the postbox in the shopping basket (novelty for me as we don't have one on the other pram) and stuck Zack in the stroller. He looked at me, I looked at him. Fastened his straps and then the hands started the grabby motion. "Right" I said, "this is the way it's going to be, we are going for a walk, you are not going to get carried back up the road, you are going to stay in your new stroller and we are going to give it a go." Yeah, that'll do it, he understood everything I just said. Zack carried on with his hand grabbing, I shoved a blanket over his legs and off we went. Round 1 to Mummy.

Hahahahahaaaaaa! Success. No hand grabby. Just one little boy being pushed down the road in his new stroller. Cheap it may be but he likes it. Okay, he had a little bit of I don't like it but on the whole much better than the other one. We took him out again today. Dan hadn't seen him in his push chair and thought he looked like a proper little grown up boy in it. Again, he didn't seem to mind it. Dan said it's probably a novelty to him and he'll decide he's going to hate it in a few days time. I said too bad, he's staying in it for good now. I am hoping that he remains happy with this form of transport as I am fast running out of ideas. 


Anonymous said…
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Hey Linzi great post- we too love the pump, I was feeding Elin every 2 hours through the night before we got it...yuck! Great news about the stroller. We are fast running out of transport ideas too, though i did make it down the lane and back the other day with minimal fuss and she is improved in the car seat bless her- improved, but not great. Am starting to think a change of medication may be the only thing that will help ;-( Keep up the good wor with the blog xxx
Cheers Ruth. Glad you made it down the lane, one step at a time eh? From what I have heard they do tend to grow out of all this car seat/stroller dislike so I think we need to hang in there. Enjoying your posts too. x

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