So, this is my first post into the Boy With Five pressure!!

I'm reporting on the events of the long weekend that Zack spent with his Dad, whilst his mum was away sunning herself on a Hen Party in Magaluf...the details of which are still emerging.

I think the most important thing to say is that Zack was an extremely good boy and a pleasure to spend 4 days solid with. The second thing I feel compelled to say is how every second of your day gets filled when you've got the pants.

I wanted to make absolutely certain that I made our time alone as stimulating s possible and I think he really enjoyed it.

We packed mum off at Liverpool Airport on the Saturday and I was left alone with Zack (with only a freezer full of 'man food' to last me until Tuesday evening) .... all was well until bedtime came and I got ready to do his stretching exercises from his baby yoga book. No sign of the book, so we went free radical and made up our own set of exercises - this reminded me of one of the many episodes of Friends (which is repeated on Sky 365 days a year) I have been subjected to. One where one of them ...Ok I know it was Ross, but I'm trying to retain a shred of dignity here.... pretends to be a masseuse and ends up running toy cars up and down some fat bloke's back. It probably wasn't as bad as that, but the youngster found it all extremely amusing.

Sunday - our first full day alone - involved playing in the ball pool, doing his therapy (for which he fell fast asleep and let me watch Hurt Locker) and going for a nice long walk and carrying out and impromptu meet and greet with the Bank Street members of his Fan Club.

Sunday was also the day when the dreaded volcanic ash cloud returned to UK airspace and put us in serious danger of having our time together extended for an indefinite period. I did get worried for a bit, because I only had enough episodes of Something Special to keep us entertained for a couple more days....we are big fans of Mr Tumble...particularly his cousin, Cool Tumbles.

For being such a good boy all day, I let Zack stay up and watch the Mountain Bike World Cup on Eurosport, which he really enjoyed and he was delighted for Gee Atherton getting 2nd place in the Men's Downhill and Rachael Athertons First place in the women's race. He was a bit disappointed in Dan Atherton's quarter final departure in the 4x...after which there were tears and it was time for bed.

Monday involved a trip to his Nan and Granddad Price's. Zack has been an excellently behaved little boy in his car seat too of late, which is really encouraging. I've also managed to get him to spend longer in his sunbeam seat. Small steps, but I wanted to be able to tell Linzi that we had made some more progress.

Tuesday came all to soon and by the time we'd done our daily routine it was time to pick mum up. I have been really proud of Zack, he's been a delight to be with and I've grown even closer to him. I've noticed him doing things he's not done for me before, like having a go at standing up - - albeit with a lot of support at the moment, but he likes the idea of having a go.


Nigel Monckton said…
Welcome to the blogosphere - didn't know you were a virgin until the weekend. You'll be pretending to be an expert on Twitter next.

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