I am leaving Zack next weekend.

Been a little busy of late and haven't had much time to blog. So here's an update.


Zack has been given a medicine called Domperidone to help stop his reflux problems. This has helped a little and we are now at a stage whereby we can go out for a few hours and not have him vomit two hours after his last meal. 

The doctor has also sent us a prescription for another medicine to go alongside this one which will help to combat any additional acid that his stomach is producing.

All in all, we should hopefully see a difference. 


Zack has started to become  a little moody of late. Don't know the reason for it, could be his teeth, could be his tummy, could be behavioural or it could be that Over the Rainbow is nearing the end. One thing is for sure, he can be comforted quite quickly so I tend to think it might be him moving towards the old, look I've learnt how to get what I want and if I don't I'll have a strop child. We are trying to leave him to moan for a bit rather than trying to appease him all the time, this is easier said than done.

Speech therapist

We had a good session with the SALT the other week. We have agreed that Zack needs to go for a videofluoroscopy so that we can see what is he is doing when he swallows liquid or food. It is really to rule out the suggestion that he may be aspirating liquid into his lungs when he swallows. If he isn't, then we are going to push him harder with the food eating. I told the SALT about his chewing and sucking which are all good signs and I asked her about the process of weaning a child off the PEG. If all goes well with the videofluoroscopy then we can move forward and try and cut some of his food down so he gets hungry enough to want to eat. If all does not go well, then we remain where we are for a while longer and carry on doing everything slowly.

Guest Editor

I am leaving Zack next weekend. I am trying not to think about it but I have agreed to go on a Hen do abroad for, gulp, three nights. I haven't left Zack since he was born and the thought of it fills me with both dread and to be honest, excitement at the chance of three days in the sun. I have asked Dan to update his blog in my absence. This should be fun. I must also tell him not to be more amusing than me, (when I know that he is much funnier). So, yes, I am leaving my baby with the baby daddy. I hope I don't come home to find them both in their underpants watching cartoons amidst an array of empty take-away cartons. 


Hey Linzi, great updates!! Love reading your blog. Elin had horrendous reflux, she vomited 7-8 times a day and screamed in agony for about 18 hours a day as the reflux was so acidic. It was the worst thing I've had to deal with out of all her problems. She ended up having a Fundoplication operation, which sorted her out no end, but was a mighty op for a four month old (as she was then). It sounds like the meds are working pretty well for the Zacky pants man though- hurray! Hope you have continued success.
She also had a video fluroscapy over a year ago and to everyone's surprise it showed no aspiration. We were encouraged to give her solids. But then she started to do this weird choky/gagging thing and I got scared so now we have requested another video fluroscapy to see if everything is still ok, and hopefully give me the confidence to start oral feeding again.
I went away for two nights last summer- Elin was 12 months. It was HARD. But it was also great in another way. The journey back from Edinburgh was the longest of my life though!! I actually cried when I saw her again, haha!! You will have a great time, I look forward to reading your other half's blog posts!!
Lotsa love xx

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